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Justice over U.S. Supreme Court, Daytime
Justice over U.S. Supreme Court, Daytime
Digitally edited original watercolor over web-sourced photo

The Justice Energy Signature was painted on the night of Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg's death. It is placed here over the U.S. Supreme Court building to provide an energy template of the potential of Justice.

A couple of notable elements of this pattern are it's openness, there are no parts of the painting that are closed off, there are openings throughout the whole pattern for a free flow of information, and access to justice. The central form recalls both the robes of a judge, the arms of the scales of justice, but more than anything feel like strong, open sheltering arms, standing on a very distinct and open foundation. Justice should be a sanctuary. The "T"-like wings are repeated in the border of the pattern as well, emphasizing the importance of this form.