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Partnership Portraits are a perfect way to celebrate the commitment and love of a union or marriage. They hold an energetic signature of the souls' commitment to one another and the gifts that they bring to one another's growth and evolution in this lifetime.

Family Portraits are patterns that embody the commitment of all the family members to one another's growth and evolution. The portrait holds an energetic template of the family’s highest purpose and is grounding and centering for the family. If you have young family members, I will work with you to determine if there is conscious consent for soul collaboration. Generally this is possible for children ages 2 and older who are able to express clear yes/no answers.

To create the portraits, I collaborate with a spirit team that includes each person’s higher self and soul. Pictured is a partnership portrait in celebration of a marriage.

To paint a partnership or family portrait, I will need each person’s:
- Full name
- Photograph
- Conscious permission to connect with their soul.

We do not need to be physically present together. In fact, we don’t even need to have met. Learn about the process of making each portrait.

Each portrait comes with a personalized written interpretation of the patterns. These are impressions that I have translated and checked with the spirit team. Interpretation and integration sessions are available separately if you would like assistance in accessing your Partnership or Family Portrait's gifts and support for you.

Sizes & Pricing:
- Partnership Portraits 8” square for $500
- Partnership and Family Portraits 16” square for $1000
- (Family portraits not available in sizes smaller than 12”)
- Larger and custom sizing and proportions available

Commission a Partnership Portrait or Family Portrait
All commissions require a deposit of half to secure your place in my queue before the portrait is started. The balance and shipping costs are due upon the commission's completion.

To arrange a commission or with questions, contact Leah.