My work celebrates the harmony and deep pattern of the universe. I seek to create glimpses of the invisible life force that unifies everything. I want to point attention to the unspeakably spacious beauty that is the essence of all.

In all the bodies of my work I utilize energy testing (also called kinesiology) to find answers to yes/no questions using the muscular system as an indicator. The system tests the strength of an individual’s energy field. Everything has an energy field; rocks, plants, animals, and humans. The energy field of humans is strong in the presence of truth, and temporarily weakened in the presence of something that is not true. This tool has allowed me to address yes/no questions about color, form, order, and texture to my higher self, bypassing my conscious mind and ego. The process has allowed new forms to develop, unhindered by aesthetic habits and creates constant surprises.

Most recently I have used this process to create a series of paintings on paper that I call Soul Pattern Portraits. The portraits visually embody a pattern that is essential to the higher self of the individual and unique to that soul. The pattern anchors part of the soul’s energy in physical form and is healing to the individual. To create the portraits I collaborate with a spiritual team that includes the higher self or soul of the individual. The process of kinesiology allows for their soul to guide the pattern that will best serve the individual at that time. These works serve as a daily reminder of a deeper and timeless identity.

The Outdoor Offerings, painted in clay slip, are healing patterns specific to the location they are installed and to the people that live there. These are created in collaboration with the spirit of that place. These paintings wash away in one or two rains, the clay returning to the soil.

The Yellow Bear Prints were created as part of a residency with Yellow Bear printing press. They are one-of-a-kind prints that combine a lithographic process with monoprints made from shaped plates.

The Daily Drawings were the first series I made using energy testing. I created this series as a meditation for peace, one a day for a year. They are painted in a single color of ink on paper. I began using the energy testing part way through the year to move beyond making decisions based on the aesthetics of my conscious mind. I had learned energy testing as part of a two year training in energy psychology, and knew I could use it to communicate with my deeper levels of wisdom, bypassing my conscious mind. The process married beautifully with my art work and I have continued to use it since because the results feel much more deep, true, and surprising.

I work to create healing patterns that heal places, people, and relationships between humans and our environment. They help us deepen our relationship to our higher self and the place we live. I work to make physical manifestations of the vibrant energy that we are made of and that surrounds us all.