• Commissions and Classes

    Commissions and Classes

    Anyone can commission a Soul Pattern Portrait or custom painting. The portraits are of a person's soul energy and they are painted while Leah is connected with the higher self or soul of the individual. This means that the individual is not in the room while the portrait is painted, and portraits can be painted of anyone, as long as Leah has their full name, a photograph of the person, and their conscious permission to connect with their higher self/soul.

    You can crowd source a portrait for yourself by registering your permission to connect with your soul. You will be provided with an email template explaining your registration and the portrait process to send to loved ones. You will be updated every time a gift is made toward your portrait. Once your registry account is paid in full, Leah will begin painting your portrait.

    To register your permission and begin the crowd sourcing process or to provide details needed to commission a work, email Leah with the details listed above. You can also start your commission process below with full payment.

    Conscious Collaboration with Spirit Classes: Leah occasionally offers classes in her method of collaborating with spirit, this method can be used to collaborate with beings of nature and human souls to do any work, Leah uses it to create art work, and it can be used just as effectively in science, music, gardening, the possibilities are endless. Anyone can learn these tools to collaborate with your own soul and and the balance of Nature.

    Commission a Soul Pattern Portrait, 20" x 20" unframed: $1000 Includes shipping and handling to Continental US

    Conscious Collaboration with Spirit Class: $175