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You, your home, your business, your beloved — we are all a part of the invisible life force that unifies everything, and we all have our own unique energetic signatures. My art work makes visible the vibrant energy that we are made of and that surrounds us all.

These patterns provide an energetic path forward, awareness, and comfort that supports you, your business, your family, and your community in more fully realizing your gifts and bringing them to the world.

I am available for Commissions and Public Artworks. Here are several possibilities.


Soul Pattern Portraits
Reflecting the unique energy and gifts of a person’s soul. The pattern supports your evolution, using beautiful and richly detailed geometric and patterned forms.
Partnership & Family Portraits
Embodying the souls’ commitment to one another's growth and evolution.
Animal Portraits
Holding the unique energy signature and soul expression of your beloved animal companion.
Readings / Integration Appointments
Assisting you as you understand, integrate, and learn to use your Soul Pattern Portrait or other pattern.


Custom Healing Patterns
Supporting the healing work of communities, individuals, groups, and places.
Patterns for Gardens & Land
Healing and supporting the highest purpose of the land you care for.
Creating stunning patterned geometries that embody the gifts, qualities, ideals, and intentions of your community, business, or organization.
Outdoor Offerings
Marking an event or holding a specific intention such as healing, balance, or gratitude These single-color patterns are temporary, non-toxic, and safe for waterways.
Home & Business Patterns
Communicating the highest purpose of your home, business, or organization in a pattern with multiple uses.

Questions? Contact Leah Nguyen to discuss details.

All commissions require a deposit of half to secure your place in my queue before the portrait is started. The balance and shipping costs are due upon the commission's completion.

Pictured, Black Lives Matter, Watercolor and gouache on paper, 8" x 8", 2017