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Glass Box Installation
Glass Box Installation
Clay slip and glaze on cinderblock wall
6.5' x 11'

Installation at Glass Box Gallery for May/June 2019 show, 'Wandering What Is,' curated by Forrest Scherer. I gathered a team of spirit guides for this work to assist me in creating a pattern that would:

Tune Glass Box to its purpose within the city of Seattle.
Heal and balance the space and the land from past, present, and future trauma.
Make the energetic visible.

This piece brings forward themes of sending and receiving, speaking and listening, and fertility. There were several layers of energy cleansings, installed energy forms and sacred song that were called forward during the painting. It is anchored in this place by energetic patterns of mountain ranges installed as a step prior to painting. One song came forward very powerfully and asked to be recorded. Its purpose was to 'Heal the purpose of Art in Seattle.' A recording of this song played during the show.