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Rock Being
Rock Being
Milk paint on granite boulder
45" x 65" x 38"

This rock is a being, watching, loving, holding space with the land, with us. Resting with us, quietly healing with us. This being knows the old ways, holds their rhythms and patterns and brings them forward to heal our new-old wounds, the pain and violence we have felt, the divisions in our brains and in our hearts. This rock being is resting and watchful. Relaxed attention, calmly alert. This rock being has been nourished by the first people and their patterns, the bodies of salmon. I cried in recognition when I saw this being's eye. This rock being is bountiful and brings plenty with only a few lines.

This piece is painted in milk paint, which makes it permanent and different than the other outdoor offerings (that are painted in clay slip and wash away)