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Soul Pattern Portraits visually embody beautifully patterned geometries that express your unique gifts and the essential qualities of your higher self and soul.

The pattern anchors part of your soul’s energy in physical form and it can serve many purposes that support and prepare you for your next evolutionary step: incorporating your soul experiences, stepping into your power, healing, and opening to the unconditional love of your soul.

Soul Pattern Portraits
Soul Pattern Portraits

To create the portraits, I collaborate with a spirit team that includes your higher self and soul. These works serve as a beautiful daily reminder of a deeper and timeless identity.

To paint a soul pattern portrait I will need:
- The person's conscious permission to connect with their soul
- A photograph of them
- Their full name.
The person does not need to be physically present. In fact, we don’t even need to have met.

Learn about the process of making each portrait.

Each Soul Pattern Portrait comes with a personalized written interpretation of the patterns. These are impressions that I have translated and checked with the spirit team. Interpretation and integration sessions are available separately if you would like assistance in accessing your Soul Pattern Portrait's gifts and support for you.

Sizes & Pricing:
- 8” square portrait for $500 USD
- 16” square portrait for $1000 USD
- Larger and custom sizing and proportions can be determined by the soul.

Commission a Soul Pattern Portrait
All commissions require a deposit of half to secure your place in my queue before the portrait is started. The balance and shipping costs are due upon the commission's completion.

To commission a portrait or with questions, contact Leah.